Drinking in Chicago has multiple origins, the most influential and oldest of which is the inn - an establishment that offered drinking, eating and sleeping options.

The history here is both colorful and rich, and it was at places such as The Eagle, The Green Tree and The Sauganash where much of the city’s social life revolved in its early years.

Longman & Eagle is a look back, reimagining this age-old concept through a contemporary lens, providing urban ‘travelers’ a refuge that appeals to a variety of senses - be they aesthetic, consumptive, culinary or restorative - done in a way that is accessible, considered and innovative. The sort of place where a man can get a shot with breakfast, where local politicians might trade votes for whiskey, and one that reflects Chicago’s unique neighborhood-based diversity.

The first floor features a larger ‘public’ space at the front of the building, one centered around a dramatic bar and back bar coupled with a variety of seating options for drinkers and eaters alike. The backroom ‘snug’ is a slightly more formal space that offers patrons a less raucous dining experience; and is an area that is also occasionally used to host art openings, private parties and other special events. The Off Site Bar – affectionately referred to as ‘The OSB’ - is a tiny micro bar located adjacent to and the rear of the building, accessible as an extension of Longman, or as its own standalone walk-up option. 

The second floor, in keeping with Chicago’s colorful history of inn culture, features six guest rooms that complement the bar and restaurant below. Each room has been individually designed and furnished with an aesthetic that acknowledges past and present histories alike, at their core offering comfort, design consciousness and subtle luxury. The rooms reflect the same attention to creativity, detail and quality that is the foundation of the bar and restaurant.

In fin de siècle Chicago, bars, inns, pubs and saloons were the principle community centers of their era, where the providing of drink, food and lodging gave patrons and travelers a sense of place that was accessible, appealing and attractive to folks of all stripes, both poor and rich. Longman & Eagle is an attempt to recapture that same spirit, tapping into the essential core of a city that has long been one of the world’s finest.

Longman & Eagle is a collaboration between Cody Hudson, Robert McAdams and Peter Creig Toalson of Land and Sea Dept. and Bruce Finkelman of 16"OC.

Site Photography by Clayton Hauck and Carolina Rodriguez