Stiegl Goldbräu 6
This lager boasts an unrivaled, well-rounded, balanced, and wonderfully
thirst-quenching flavor. It is mildly hopped, with a typically refreshing beer
bouquet, golden color, a magnificent fine head, and pleasant aftertaste.
An L&E staff favorite.
Stiegl, Salzburg, Austria {Golden Lager, 4.9% ABV}

Old Style 3
Old Style employs the traditional brewing skills of the German craftsman.
Kraeusened and well carbonated, Old Style is a beer that revives the crisp
rich freshness of a classic Pilsner: light in color and body, medium in aroma
and bitterness, full flavored with a delicate aftertaste.
Milwaukee, WI {Pilsner, 4.64% ABV}

Collective Arts Japanese Rice Lager 8
The Japanese Rice Lager is Collective Art's take on this style of crisp, clean Japanese lager. The pilsner malt backbone is complemented with brown rice, which enhances the refreshingly crisp finish. They then add Wai-iti hops with it's fresh notes of lime and mandarin citrus to round out the final product into its elegant final form.
Collective Arts Brewing, Hamilton, ON, Canada {Lager, 4.9% ABV}

On Tour Typical Daydream 6
Brewed with Hallertau Blanc hops to give a hint of gooseberry and white grapes. The French and Belgian yeast creates both dry and fruity flavors.
On Tour Brewing, Chicago, IL {Saison, 5.7% ABV}

Marz White 8
Traditional, unfiltered beer with a traditional grain bill of Pils, Wheat, and Oats. Brewed with coriander and organic orange peel which lends subtle spiciness and generous citrus notes.
Marz Community Brewing, Chicago, IL {Witbier, 4.8% ABV}

Temperance Fleeting Chance 8
This super-limited draft-only variant of Basement Party is dry-hopped with Lemondrop hops and kissed with a hint of cherry.
Temperance Beer Company, Evanston, IL {India Pale Lager, 4.9% ABV}

Lo Rez Pear Knockout 7
This farmhouse ale has the backbone of a grassy wheat field and kettle soured for a light tartness. Fermented with pear for a round marriage of similar esters. Delicate and balanced throughout.
Lo Rez Brewing, Chicago, IL {Farmhouse Ale, 5% ABV}

Half Acre Lunar Form 14
A Vienna Lager that was started in stainless and racked into neutral wine barrels for eleven months. It then spent eight weeks on 3 lbs per gallon of Michigan grown blueberries and 2 lbs per gallon of peaches from the same farm, before being conditioned in the bottle. Super juicy flavors of mixed berry with tannin on the nose and medium acidity.
Half Acre Beer Co, Chicago, IL {Blueberry Soured Lager, 7.8% ABV}

DryHop Steely Wheely 7
Earth shaker, cut creator adds dark chocolate, caramel, cherry cola, and plum to the mix. Medium bodied with mild smoke and more dark chocolate finish the trip. The wheels of steel are coming and they’re correct.
DryHop Brewers, Chicago, IL {Belgian Stout, 6% ABV}

Argus Ciderkin 8
Based on nostalgic profiles of ciders everyone first experienced, Argus Fermentables Ciderkin delivers a straightforward apple palate, yet finishes dry and tannic. Traditional Ciderkin is made from reconstituted apple pomace that is pressed and fermented wild to produce a low ABV—dry cider style. Expounding on that tradition, Argus has employed a yeast blend that finishes dry, yet still preserves a prominent stone fruit nose and apple palate.
Argus Cidery, Austin, TX {Dry Cider, 4.5% ABV}

Lo Rez Mosaic Voxel 6
This beer has the bones of a classic saison but dry-hopping makes the package pop. Saison yeast gives off fruity esters and earthy phenols that smell and taste of ripe pear, dried apricots, and white pepper. Together the yeast and hops make for a wheat-forward malt bill that is easy drinking, light, and creamy
Lo Rez Brewing, Chicago, IL {Dry-Hopped Saison, 5.6% ABV}

4 Hands First Impressions {Nitro} 6
Belgian Ale brewed with lactose, raspberry, and conditioned Madagascar vanilla beans.
4 Hands Brewing Co, St. Louis, MO {Belgian Pale Ale, 7% ABV}

Central Waters Mimosa 7
A brut pilsner and New England style pale ale are blended with tangerines. The result is an effervescent beer reminiscent of a mimosa. Cheers!
Central Waters Brewing, Amherst, WI {American Brut IPA 6.1% ABV}

Old Nation M-43 8
Combination of Calypso, Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops. Citrus and tropical notes of pineapple, mango, and grapefruit come through in the huge, yet surprisingly delicate aroma. The flavor backs these aromas with a soft pillowy mouthfeel.
Old Nation Brewing, Williamston, MI {Hazy IPA, 6.8% ABV} 

Prairie All Y’all 9
Bringing “All Y’all” together for Prairie’s collaboration with American Solera. For this DIPA, Prairie Artisan Ales picked a mix of their favorite juicy and tropical hops that they’ve brewed over the years. This combo hits all the right spots. Orange, pineapple, and passionfruit dominate the flavor and aroma on this 7.7% beer
Prairie Artisan Ales/American Solera, Krebbs, OK {Double IPA, 7.5% ABV}

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion no. 13 7
The base beer of Luponic Distortion always remains the same, but each new release features a different emerging and experimental hop blend - all designed to showcase the possibilities of pure hop aromas and flavors. no. 13 features a blend of six hops from the Pacific Northwest and Germany, all combining to offer bright flavors of pina colada, key lime, and nectarine.
Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles, CA {American IPA, 5.9% ABV}


Anchor Steam + Ezra Brooks 8

Stiegl Goldbräu + Evan Williams Single Barrel 15

Samichlaus Helles 2012 Vintage + 1792 Small Batch 18