October 15, 2014

Last week, The Great American Beer Fest was the place to be. Anyone who’s part of the Chicago restaurant or beverage industry was pumped on the trip, or insanely jealous of those making it. Longman & Eagle Executive Chef and Partner Jared Wentworth was lucky enough to be there. Check out his first- hand account below:

“Every year, the city of Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival. This event welcomes a mind-boggling amount of craft brewers making some of the best beers in the country…and in the world. Every person walking through this event comes in with the expectation of finding something amazing they have never tried.

I had the opportunity to be paired with the talented Jared Rouben, brewmaster and founder of Moody Tongue brewery. We were representing our neighborhood, Pilsen (where my restaurant, Dusek’s, calls home), as well as our love for pairing beer and food. In my humble opinion Jared makes some of the most interesting beers I have ever tasted. From his white truffle pilsner to a Belgian brewed with the Midwestern fruit Paw Paw, he brings a chef’s mentality and palette to all the beers he crafts.

Our pairings were a lemon saison and a blackberry infused ale. I went with a crudo of bay scallop, lemon gelle, and green tea tapioca to go with the saison. It highlighted the bright lemon flavors of the beer and added some sweet, creamy notes to play against the acidity of this remarkable saison. On the second pairing I went with a Moroccan spiced pork sparerib. I sous-vide the sparerib and paired with collard greens, grits, and pickled blackberry. This was a natural pairing that worked wonderfully with the clean flavors of Jared’s beer and his sense of balance in the beers.

Denver was a blast. We were shown all the love in the world from wonderful breweries, great restaurants, patient hotel workers, and tater tot street vendors. If you love beer you should make the pilgrimage next year. It’s a great time in an amazing city. Stay mile high.”

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2014 Pumpkin Carving

October 9, 2014

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Logan Square Comfort Station Chefs Dinner

October 6, 2014


more info HERE.

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Logan Square Monument

September 25, 2014

Often referred to as the ‘Logan Square monument’, the Illinois Centennial Monument column at the heart of the neighborhood inspired the name Longman & Eagle, in honor of monument sculptor Evelyn Longman.  So it is, obviously, of particular importance to us here at the L&E.

A recent maintenance assessment of the 1918 monument revealed that the sculpture is in need of $80,000.00 in repairs, and fundraising efforts are underway.

The owners of local printing business Poster Plus have come up with one such option, a limited edition of a 1923 Oscar Rabe Hanson historical print that has been donated to the Logan Square Preservation group to help launch their fundraising efforts.

It is a beautiful piece, and can be purchased here.


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Inside Hook

September 25, 2014

Longman bar manager Phil Olson was recently featured in a great bourbon piece on Inside Hook, a daily newsletter “that inspires driven men”, with the credo “The Life You’re Meant To Live.”

The piece, Guide To Bourbon, is an excellent primer on the current bourbon landscape, offered up by our own resident whiskey expert.

It’s a great article, and totally worth checking out.

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Monster Children #44

September 15, 2014

Monster Children #44 has hit the stands and the rooms upstairs! Spend a night upstairs and enjoy reading one of our favorite publications.

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Behind The Scenes of the Pipeworks x L&E Brown & Stirred

September 3, 2014

It’s kind of a love story, really.

Pipeworks Brewing Company , a Chicago specializing in small batch beers, meets Longman & Eagle. Longman, a restaurant/inn/bar known for their healthy whiskey selection, is delighted upon the introduction.

The rest is best presented as a story, as all good beer collaborations should be.

So we now present: The Tale of Brown & Stirred.


Beejay Oslon and Garritt Lewis, founders of Pipework’s Brewing Co, met while working at West Lakeview Liquors in Chicago. There were both homebrewers who received their education at De Struise Brewery in Belgium. When they began discussing starting their own larger scale brewery, they decided they wanted to do something exciting. They vowed to only create unique, small batch brews that were “one-and-done.” This is where the idea of Pipework’s Brewing began.


Chapter 1

It’s early June in Chicago. Summer is just starting to become real, temperatures ever so slowly rising above 60 degrees.

Pipeworks approaches Phil Olson (Bar Manager, Longman & Eagle) about brewing a collaboration beer. Phil has always been a fan of Pipeworks beer, but is hesitant to carry it with concern the small brewery could not appease Longman’s volume. This is the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

They present a well-thought out plan surrounding a cocktail inspired beer. Phil is impressed: “Man, you came to the table with an idea that makes sense to both of us,” he says.

When seeking inspiration, the Old Fashion is what comes to mind first, but it’s been done before. It is decided that the Manhattan, sweet yet bitter and full of bite, would translate much better. Now, it’s time to put brilliant ideas into action.

Chapter 2

It’s June 23rd – brew day.

The Longman players include: Phil, Eric Abert (Asst. Bar Manager), Chad Hauge (Principle Bartender) and Pete Toalson (Partner), Cody Hudson (Partner)

Pipeworks team consists of: Beejay Oslon (Founder, Head Brewer), Scott Coffman (Lead Brewer), Kate Brankin (Brewer).

Scott presents the recipe: a Manhattan Inspired Strong Rye Ale.

The day begins with mashing in, or soaking the grains in water to release malt sugars. This being a Rye based beer, the grain work is plentiful. Team Longman is dedicated to getting down and dirty with Team Pipeworks.

As the mash period comes to an end and the beer is being moved to the beer kettle, Kate and Chad start on the bittering teas. This is to represent the Angostura bitters part of the cocktail. Angelica, Quassia, Cinchona, and Gentian are the roots used in this process. The tea is to be added later.

Once in the brew kettle, a balancing dose of Old World bittering hops are added. For this style of beer, an immense amount of hops is unnecessary. However, a hefty dose of bittering lemon peel is needed to represent the Manhattan garnish.

As this is taking place, Beejay and Cody Hudson (Partner), are discussing the label design. The artwork is a Hudson original: a bottle of beer and a Manhattan personified, playfully high fiving.

The mash is finished boiling – it’s time to clean out the mash tun and shovel more grains. After the beer cools, it is transferred to the fermenter and the yeast is pitched. This is where everything that previously happened is turned into alcohol.

Now, it’s waiting time. Team Pipeworks-Longman celebrate brew day with shots of bourbon. The Pipeworks crew entices the Longman boys into taking extra big shots. They do work in a whiskey bar, after all.

A name is decided upon: Brown & Stirred.

Chapter 3

During this brewery visit, Eric and Kate take on a very important task: adding in the fresh cherry puree. This represents the obvious cherry part of a Manhattan. Adding it in at this point and not earlier assures the most intense amount of fresh cherry possible.

Chapter 4

This brings us to the final installment of our beer journey. The aforementioned bittering teas are added into the beer.

On this visit, Eric brings along Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Punt è Mes, Angostura and Cherry Bitters. This being all he needs to complete a Longman Manhattan, he whips a few up for reference. After comparing sips, it’s agreed that the mission is a successful one.

The beer is then moved into the bright tank, where it is left to mature.


Chapter 5

To prep the beer for consumption, it is carbonated and kegged, as well as bottled and packaged. Coming in at 10.5%, it’s a beer to be enjoyed – not slammed.

Longman released the beer on August 7Th, both on draft and in bottle. The beer is presented over ice in an Old Fashion glass. A garnish of lemon peel makes the beer as true to the original brain child as possible.

The brewery and the restaurant part ways – the end of a Brown & Stirred affair. While the story has come to an end, it will forever live on in the fruits of their labor. Enjoyed by the public if only for a short time, it is certain to leave a long lasting effect.


 As an encore, half of the produced Brown & Stirred was is placed into Rittenhouse Rye barrels for aging. This was done without bitters and cherries, which will be added during the final states for optimum flavor.

The plan is to age the beer in barrels for six months. It will be tasted every so often to make sure it is aging correctly.

“We don’t want to put something out that’s not ready,” says Phil. “But then again, if it tastes like its ready even earlier, that’s great, too.”

Ideally, the release of the barrel aged Brown & Stirred would correlate with the five year anniversary of Longman & Eagle. Great 5th birthday present, dontcha think?

Brown & Stirred is available at Longman & Eagle for a short amount of time. It’s all gone on draft, but you can still purchase the beer in 22oz large format bottle.


written by Sarah O’Niell

photos: Clayton Hauck


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Forbidden Root Beer Cocktail Tour at L&E

August 26, 2014

This summer, Good Beer Hunting and Forbidden Root are teaming up to bring you a Botanic Beer Cocktail Tour featuring some of GBH’s favorite beer-focused cocktail programs in Chicago.

The flavors of Forbidden Root’s botanic beers are entirely unique, and GBH thought they’d feature perfectly in a series of beer cocktails. At L&E we will be featuring a “ROOT BEER FLOAT FLIP” with Old Grand Dad 114, Cream, Egg, Demerara, & Forbidden Root

Stop in tomorrow to check it out…

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What’s Happening!!

August 15, 2014

Longman & Eagle is hosting its fourth installment of ‘What’s Happening!!’, an outdoor block and dance party featuring the drinks, food and music this Sunday, August 31st, and the event runs from 1pm to 10pm.

As a ‘thank you’ to a neighboring community that has been so very supportive, the L&E has been hosting a free, outdoor block party on Schubert, at Kedzie, adjacent to the building for the last four years. Open to all, the event features dancing, drinks, food and music in an outdoor street setting.

Executive chef Jared Wentworth has created a street food menu for the event that includes Elote, Lamb Kebabs, Meatballs, Shrimp Ceviche and a Tete Sandwich. Bar manager Phil Olsen has also worked on an excellent selection of drink options including a special OSB punch.

Grren Bean Dayschool staffers will be on hand on the early side for some kid friendly activities. Logan Square Preservation members will be available to discuss their efforts in beautifying Logan Square. Busy Beaver Button Company will be on site handing out goodies and the Bus Shop will be parked at the end of the block offering up vintage wares for sale. And as always, The Windy City Soul Club will be holding it down on the turntables for the dance party vibes!!

Land and Sea Dept. commissioned artist Chad Kouri to create the poster for the event. Kouri is a frequent visitor to L&E, and the Chicago-based multi-disciplinarian is a co-founder of the art and design incubator Post Family.

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Logan Square Preservation

August 4, 2014

On Tuesday, August 5th, we’re pleased to welcome the Logan Square Preservation group to the Off Site Bar at Longman & Eagle for a special consciousness and fundraising event, to support their on-going efforts in the Logan Square neighborhood.

The event takes place from 6pm to 9pm in the OSB, and funds raised will be used to support the group’s current and on-going initiatives, the most recent of which is a highly supportable tree planting campaign for the neighborhood’s historical boulevards.

Please join us!

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