February 14, 2013

About six months ago, we were approached by the folks from the Willett Distillery, who were in possession of a very curious find – six twenty-one year old (!) ‘mystery’ barrels of bourbon.

After some research, it’s thought that these are old Heaven Hill stock, presumably from a lower floor in a rickhouse that burned down in 1996.  These single-barrel, barrel-proof bourbons are among the finest we’ve (ever) tasted, so we of course bought two of the six barrels for ourselves.  A precious, rare find indeed…

After a month or so of quietly enjoying these two bottlings ourselves, it’s time to share this bounty with the larger public.  Barrel one, ‘Longman’, is 109 proof and is limited to 106 bottles; barrel two, ‘Eagle’, came in at 100.5 proof and is even more limited at 62 bottles total – both fairly low for barrel-proof whiskey and both absolutely, totally delicious.

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  1. Scot, February 21, 2013 6:27 pm

    Had pleasure to enjoy a flask of each smuggled to Ft Myers Beach, for a family get together with one of the not to be named owners, This whiskey is excellent. It proved to be quite appropriate to set a flask on the table out on the porch, late at night, after most everyone else went to bed, and enjoy it with my Son under the clear Florida skies, the full moon and stars. The kind of evening a Father’s dreams are made of….Good, no EXCELLENT whiskey, and some quiet, priceless moments with my Son…Proud Florida Dad

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