Rareman & Teagle

July 10, 2015

Longman & Eagle is excited to partner with Rare Tea Cellar on Rareman & Teagle – a limited edition tea that will be served exclusively at Longman & Eagle. It’s a lapsang souchong tea, a rare variety that is smoked over ancient downed pines. The tea was aged in one of L&E’s Henry McKenna bourbon barrels for eight months,  and the team at Rare Tea Cellar agitated it every two days to make sure all of the leaves were absorbing the barrel’s scent. The result is a bold, sweet, and smoky tea that tastes like Longman & Eagle in a cup.

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A Drink For The Dads

June 19, 2015

Chad Hauge worked up a Father’s Day cocktail for Vanity Fair. It’s “an homage to history, progression, and regression,” said Hauge. Check it out HERE.

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Travel & Leisure

June 5, 2015

Longman & Eagle was recently featured in a Travel + Leisure survey of tiny hotels, in a piece 10 Rooms or Less: The Very Best of Tiny Hotels, saying that a stay with us “is as affordable as it is fun.”

The list included lodgings across the world – from Caragena to Los Angles to Phuket to an island in Sri Lanka and back – and we are thrilled to find ourselves among them.



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Matthew Kerney + Video = Good Times

June 5, 2015

Chicago Magazine recently filmed Executive Chef Matt Kerney, as a part of their online video series Inside Chicago’s Best Restaurants.

In it, Kerney expounds on the creative thinking behind one of our most popular spring offerings, our ‘Seared Bay Scallops’ dish, and then invites the crew into the kitchen to demonstrate how its cooked and constructed.

Many thanks to the Chicago Magazine crew for stopping by!

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June 5, 2015

The fine folks at Chicago Magazine recently stopped by Longman to review our new spring brunch menu, and were sufficiently pleased, going so far as to call our brunch “quite possibly the most hyped brunch in the whole city, and for good reason”, before concluding that our drink and food offerings “are inarguably some of the city’s best.”

Many thanks to Carrie Schedler and the editors of Chicago Magazine for the kinds words!

The entire article can be found here.

In other Longman brunch news, Zagat recently released their rankings for The 10 Best Brunches in Chicago, and L&E came in at #2, behind our friends over at The Publican.

Many thanks to all of you that took the time to rank your experience with us – we’re thrilled!


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Donut Shop in the OSB

June 4, 2015

photo: Clayton Hauck

The Donut Shop in the OSB at L&E opens every Saturday & Sunday, rain or shine, and features a changing weekly selection focusing on classic donuts from pastry chef Jeremy Brutzkus, as well as seasonal inspired varieties, while supplies last.  The donuts, Rare Tea Cellar teas, Dark Matter coffee, as well as our OSB only sausage breakfast sandwich and pulled pork breakfast burrito are available for eating in or to go.

Every Saturday & Sunday from 9am to 3pm.

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New OSB Eats!

April 10, 2015

Longman & Eagle is pleased to announce the launch of a new daily menu at our Off Site Bar, located behind and next to the restaurant proper.

Executive Chef Matthew Kerney has conceived of and created a new daily OSB menu (available at 5pm daily), seasonally evolving offerings that will shift conceptually throughout the year.  His first menu plays with popular party snacks from the 70s, and will be in place for the next month or so. Highlights include Beef Jerky, Deviled Ham w/ Cheese Crackers, Oysters Rockefeller, Smoked Cocktail Weenies w/ Smoke Cheddar Bourbon Mornay and BBQ Spiced Beef Rinds.





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L&E x Pipeworks – Brown & Stirred Barrel Aged Remix

April 7, 2015

In celebration of Whiskey Week 2015, Longman & Eagle, in collaboration with Pipeworks Brewing, are debuting the barrel-aged version of Brown & Stirred. Naturally, this calls for a brand new chapter of the story…

While half of Brown & Stirred was released to the public immediately, the other half was set aside for extra special treatment. The base beer was moved into Rittenhouse Rye barrels for aging, where it sat for approximately nine months. A few months in, the cherry puree was added to mature as well. After the beer was racked from the barrels to the bright tank, the “bitters” (Angelica, Quassia, Cinchona, and Gentian root) were added. For barrel-aged Brown & Stirred, the bittering element was not needed. The barrel itself added a tannic bitterness along with the cherry puree.

As the Pipeworks crew kept the baby safe (get it …9 months = baby?), Longman stopped into check up. They tasted the beer three weeks in, and again on March 14th, where they battled a mob of drunk Leprechauns (on their way to the St. Patrick’s Day parade) just to get a sip. On this day it was decided the beer would soon be ready.

Now, as the perfect addition to whiskey week celebrations, the Pipeworks/Longman team presents to you what they always envisioned this beer would taste like. A Manhattan-Inspired Belgian Strong Rye Ale, aged in Rye barrels, with just enough spice, cherry sweetness, & lasting bitterness to make your mouths happy. This brew is proof that whiskey & beer make a perfect couple.

After a long day of brewing beer, a brewer wants a cocktail. Once a shift of shaking & stirring ends for a bartender, they want a beer. Brown & Stirred is the perfect marriage of the two – a “shiftie” for those who spend their days brewing beer as well as those mixing cocktails…and everyone else, for that matter. So, let’s all have a glass together. Cheers!

We will be tapping barrel-aged Brown & Stirred at 5PM on Thursday, April 9th. Come by & help us raise our glasses to whiskey!


photos: Clayton Hauck

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Death Is Not The End

April 3, 2015

We’ve recently picked up the first five cassette releases from the Death Is Not The End imprint, an outstanding new reissue company offering up older recordings on cassette. While some of the material may be familiar to some of you, hearing some of these vintage recordings on the cassette format is a revelation, and the perfect choice when driving around in your uncle’s borrowed pick up truck.

The first set of releases include a couple of compilations, Angola Prison Spirituals and Murderer’s Home and then standalone releases for Reverend Edward Clayborn, Horace Sprott, and Sister O.M. Terrell.

For the month of April, these cassettes will be featured in room #55, available to guests to play and enjoy.

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Whiskey Week 2015

March 23, 2015

WhiskeyFest 2105 is just around the corner, a week when Chicagoans get even more enthusiastic (if that’s even possible) about one of our favorite spirits. As has become the norm, Longman & Eagle is hosting a number of whiskey-related events that week, to take advantage of the many distillers in town, as well as further showcasing some of the spirits we’re most excited about.

L&E bar manager and whiskey expert Phil Olson has put together a great week of programming, and your participation is both encouraged and welcomed!


Monday, April 6th

Cabin Still, $2 (Enough Said)


Tuesday, April 7th

High West & Lagunitas

Recently, Lagunitas Brewing released a barrel-aged coffee stout using whiskey barrels from High West, out of Park City, Utah. Longman will have the beer on tap – cleverly named ‘Lagunitas High West-ified Imperial Coffee Stout – and will be offering a flight of the High West whiskeys that were produced from said barrels.  Representatives from both High West and Lagunitas will be on hand to discuss the project and meet with guests. The keg will tapped promptly at 5:00pm, so come early, as its sure to go quick.


Wednesday, April 8th

Four Roses & Penrose

One of our favorite local breweries, Penrose just released ‘Barrel-Aged Spectral’, their first bourbon barrel aged beer. We were lucky enough to score a keg of ‘Iteration 001’ from this series – Barrel Aged Spectral, infused with cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks – and will be tapping it alongside other beers from the Penrose portfolio. A flight of Four Roses bourbons will also be available, featuring the whiskey from the barrels ‘Spectral’ spent its time in.  Representatives from both Four Roses and Penrose will be on hand throughout the evening.


Thursday, April 9th

Longman & Eagle & Pipeworks

Several months ago, Longman partnered with Pipeworks to brew ‘Brown & Stirred’, a Manhattan-inspired beer. We released half of that batch right away, but put the remainder in rye whiskey barrels to age. It’s now time to awaken this strong ale from it’s slumber, and we’re pleased to introduce it here.  L&E will be pouring both the barrel-aged version alongside the initial batch, kegs that will be tapped promptly at five pm, a party that will no doubt continue throughout the night.


Friday, April 10th

2015 Annual Hide & Seek Whiskey Dinner

We are pleased to again be involved in the annual Hide & Seek dinner, in a partnership with Monique Huston and Land and Sea Dept., a special off-site event celebrating WhiskeyFest Chicago. The event, taking place at the LSD studios, brings L&E founding chef Jared Wentworth together with a fantastic group of distillers and producers of whiskey, for an evening of conversation, food, whiskey and more. This year, representatives from Brovo, Bunnahabhain, Chambray, Deanston, Duncan Taylor, High West, Osocalis and Syndicate 58/6 will be on hand to discuss and taste their various processes and products, set within the context of a seated dinner with a menu created by Wentworth and Longman executive chef Matthew Kerney.

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