Letherbee Autumnal Launch

September 28, 2015

Stop in next Tuesday (Oct. 6) to say hello to the Letherbee Crew and try this season’s sure-to-sell-out-quick limited seasonal gin from Letherbee Distillers.

Letherbee’s 2015 Autumnal Gin features a combination of flavors perfectly suited to the season – bourbon barrel, maple, and allspice. Founder Brent Engel and the gang have been aging gin in a used Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrel for almost 3 years, giving the batch a hint of bourbon’s complex flavors. Letherbee also sourced a single-origin, wood fired maple syrup from The Bunker Farm in Vermont, by way of Greenstate Sugaring in Portland, OR, and steeped house-roasted sugar maple wood chunks in the gin both pre and post distillation.  The allspice lends a graceful depth,  complementing the char of the bourbon barrel.

The resulting gin is lightly sweet, spiced, and just the thing for these cooler days and longer nights.



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Pumpkin Carving Time!

September 26, 2015

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Outstanding in the Field

September 16, 2015

Longman & Eagle was thrilled to take part in Outstanding in the Field, a “roving culinary adventure,” which invites chefs and restaurants around the country to prepare locally sourced meals for guests in beautiful settings. This year’s dinner was Longman’s fifth event with the organization, and it took place at Chicago’s City Farms. Chef Jared, Chef Matt, and Chef Jeremy were all on hand for the dinner, and together they created a five-course menu for 120 guests (a sell-out crowd!) – including Slagel Family Farms Veal Pave, Klug Farms Stonefruit-Basil Salad, Beef Rinds, Sunchoke Puree, and Heirloom Antebellum Sweet Corn Honey Cake, with Honey Compressed Peaches, Sweetcorn-Old Style Pudding, and Bourbon-Fig Jelly. Bar manager Phil Olson served Longman & Eagle’s Negroni di Aquila cocktail to guests, and coursed wine pairings were selected by GM Jeffrey Wilson & Tom Everz from Robert Houde wines.

It was a beautiful night with good company – and we can’t wait to do it again next year.

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Andrew Paynter L&E Zine

September 2, 2015

Andrew Paynter is a San Francisco-based photographer and director, whose work ranges from documentary and portrait work to music videos and fashion shoots. Longman & Eagle recently collaborated with Paynter on the latest issue of our in-house newsprint zine (pictured below), L&E Volume 3, which was released this summer. This issue features Paynter’s landscape photography, and is available for guests in-room – it also acts as wallpaper in the the restaurant.

Land and Sea Dept. and Longman & Eagle partner Cody Hudson recently chatted with Andrew about his work.

Greetings – tell us a little bit about yourself, where you live, etc?

I am a North Carolinian, living in Oakland California with my wife and two kids. I work as a photographer and have directed a few commercials and short films.

I really like the “working artists” series you have been working on. What is it about the process of art making that you like to capture? Also, care to talk at all about the longer series of photos you have been shooting of artist Geoff McFetridge?

Thank you. Me too! I grew up admiring the work of David Duncan Douglas, who I discovered through a Picasso book I had as a teenager. It inspired me to to capture the work of artists who I both loved and had as friends. I always felt inspired by the old Magnum/reportage photographers and loved how their work made them feel a part of a scene, versus an outsider capturing. I hope the images feel from within, and less from outside.

I first met Geoff through my friend, artist Jon Santos. I had seen his work and always admired what he was doing. In 2007 Geoff asked me to accompany him to Holland where he was putting on a solo show at the Mu, in Eindhoven. He was there with his wife and daughter for the summer. It was this trip that led me to ask if he would be interested in doing a 10 year photographic project about his work, studio and life. I give him credit for both entertaining the idea and saying yes, as Geoff is a very private and modest person. But I felt the foresight into what ultimately would become him as a very influential person in the visual world. We are about to end the project next year and it has been so great to watch him grow and push himself as creative person. He’s next level.

You have some Chicago connections in your work. How did the Tortoise “Prepare Your Coffin” video you made come into being?

Yes, I love Chicago and its music scene. I’m a friend of Tortoise and their label folk at Thrill Jockey. I met them all mainly through Tommy Guerrero in the late 90’s. I was asked by John Herndon (TRTS drummer) and Bettina Richards (Thrill Jockey owner) to make a music video. I was a bit shocked as I really hadn’t done much of anything like that before. I kept thinking, did they mean to ask a different Andrew in their address book? Anyhow, at the time I was working in a design studio in SF as an art director, so I collaborated with some of the guys there, at Juice Design and I wrote a treatment and we hired Dan Wolfe to shoot and edit it. It was a labor of love, as some of the best things tend to end up being in life, and I guess the guys liked it enough to use it and then asked if I would design that record with my ‘SF Lines’ photographic work. It was clearly a dream come true project, as I have the upmost respect for them, as creatives of visual sound.

How long have you been working on the landscape series we used for the L&E zine? And what is it that about the far away landscapes that interests you?

For two years I lived in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, constantly going back and forth between the two. It was those trips that sparked the interest in making the mundane reality of my drive, beautiful. I would constantly stop and shoot polaroids and film and chose to shoot on a Hasselblad camera, which is square in format. I liked the idea of the antithesis of what a ‘landscape’ should be in shape and size. I was drawn to them being reduced to square shapes in my life. I also studied painting in college and was always drawn to the classic Dutch landscape artists. I was trying to kind of make my own photographs based on the light you’d see in some of those paintings.

Are you still working mainly with film? And what is it about film that draws you to continue to use it?

I’m still shooting mostly film, but sometimes, particularly when I’m shooting a commercial project, I have to shoot digital, which is solely based on the clients needs, etc. I’m not against it, but I do feel nothing compares to film. I love the cameras, formats and how forgiving it is, as a medium. There’s a great denim company based in West Wales called Hiut. I have been tasked to shoot a campaign / book for them once a year for 10 years and they still let me shoot all black and white film. Those photos are some of my favorite ones I’ve done to date, and some can be seen on my web site.

Alright, now some more random ones. What’s you favorite drink to order at a bar?

I’ve never been much of a drinker of alcohol. Maybe a nice cold glass of wine here and there, but mainly I’m that guy ordering an Arnold Palmer at the bar. Ha!

What does your typical lunch look like? And to contrast that, what would your ideal or favorite meal be?

For lunch, I often find myself out due to meetings, etc. I love a little gem salad with radishes and avocados and some sort of lentils or a baguette with salami. My favorite meal is probably when my mother-in-law shows up with her famous homemade Pho Ga, which she mastered as a young lady living in Saigon. My daughter wants it every night, but it’s a serious two day production!

Check out more of Andrew’s work HERE.


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What’s Happening….

August 22, 2015

Longman & Eagle will be hosting the annual “What’s Happening?!” block party on Sunday, September 6th, from noon – 10pm.

Hosted as a big ‘thank you’ to the Logan Square neighborhood surrounding the restaurant, the party will be on Schubert between Kedzie and Troy, right outside of Longman. Free and open to everyone, the day-long festivities will feature music, food, drinks, vintage shopping from The Bus Shop, and some fun stuff for the kids – like arts & crafts with Green Bean Day School & Nursery.

Chef Matt Kerney will be serving up Sloppy Joes, Sausages, and Elotes, while bar manager Phil Olson has got some fun cocktails on tap (Negroni Di Aquila and Dark & Stormy), and plenty of beer (Steigl, Anchor Brewing, and Old Milwaukee, of course). In addition to the eats and drinks, there will be plenty of tunes, with an all day DJ lineup – starting up with Sensitive Luke (12-2:30p), The Craps (3-5p), and closing out the night with a set from Windy City Soul Club (6-10p).

See you there!

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New OSB menu

July 31, 2015

Executive Chef Matthew Kerney just launched a new menu at Off Site Bar, located behind and adjacent to Longman & Eagle proper. Matt is serving up a summer-heavy seafood menu, featuring tons of fresh and delicious dishes. Accompanying these new additions is the Slingapore Saft cocktail – a riff on a Singapore sling using Letherbee vernal gin, from Longman & Eagle’s Bar Manager Phil Olson.

Included on the new menu are Jerk Mussels with Coco Bread,  Peel and Eat Smoked BBQ Shrimp, Cobia Ceviche with Plaintain chips, and more. These new summer additions will join some existing OSB favorites, including Slagel Family Farms Swedish Meatballs, Housemade Beef Jerky, BBQ Spice Beef Rinds, and Pretzel with Welsh Rarebit. Come by and make the most of summer’s bounty.


photos: Clayton Hauck

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30 Under 30

July 31, 2015

We’re proud to share that Longman & Eagle’s Executive Chef Matt Kerney is part of this year’s Zagat Chicago’s 30 Under 30, a collection of the city’s most promising young talent in the restaurant world.
Congratulations Chef Matt!

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Rareman & Teagle

July 10, 2015

Longman & Eagle is excited to partner with Rare Tea Cellar on Rareman & Teagle – a limited edition tea that will be served exclusively at Longman & Eagle. It’s a lapsang souchong tea, a rare variety that is smoked over ancient downed pines. The tea was aged in one of L&E’s Henry McKenna bourbon barrels for eight months,  and the team at Rare Tea Cellar agitated it every two days to make sure all of the leaves were absorbing the barrel’s scent. The result is a bold, sweet, and smoky tea that tastes like Longman & Eagle in a cup.

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A Drink For The Dads

June 19, 2015

Chad Hauge worked up a Father’s Day cocktail for Vanity Fair. It’s “an homage to history, progression, and regression,” said Hauge. Check it out HERE.

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Travel & Leisure

June 5, 2015

Longman & Eagle was recently featured in a Travel + Leisure survey of tiny hotels, in a piece 10 Rooms or Less: The Very Best of Tiny Hotels, saying that a stay with us “is as affordable as it is fun.”

The list included lodgings across the world – from Caragena to Los Angles to Phuket to an island in Sri Lanka and back – and we are thrilled to find ourselves among them.



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