SEASONAL Cocktails

The Late Bloomer 10
Very Old Barton 100, Tarragon, Lychee, Lime, Sparkling Wine
Cheers to the awkward, the shy, the scrawny, and the nerd. You may be 35, but your Springtime is yet to come. In the meantime, the stools elevate and lower when you rotate them, our Rare list is available upon request, and you have friends behind the bar ready to serve you this cocktail that yells “SPRINGTIME IS HERE” way too enthusiastically in a crowded bar every seasonably warm day during Spring.

The Wellspring 12
Eagle Rare L&E, Amaro Cinpatrazzo, Swan Creek Farms Honey
As we look forward to longer days and brighter skies, we also look fondly on the past, remembering old friends and older traditions. Enjoy this sipper with one of our favorite single barrel bourbons in anticipation of things to come.

The Way of Things 10
Jim Beam Rye, Rhubarb, Lime, 3 Floyds Gumballhead
Life has a way of happening without your help or approval. Babies are born despite difficult pregnancies and terrible presidents. Sometimes you aren’t able to carry a beer for years then suddenly it’s on your list all the time. Sometimes you celebrate that with as much Spring love as you can. Then you drink 5 billion and die because of irresponsible drinking, which we don’t encourage.

Peat and Heat 12
Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, Laphroaig 10, Dry Curacao, Lemon, Serrano, Ginger, Habanero Shrub
People of the world.... spice up your life.                                                           

Welcome to Chiami 12
Paute Zhumir, Chareau, Passion Fruit, Grapefruit, Agave, Fresno Chile
Inspired by a favorite karaoke jam, this delicious liquid "longing-for-warm-weather" concoction has exotic passion fruit flavors and a slightly spicy kick on the finish. One sip, and you can picture yourself "bouncin in the club where the heat is on all night on the beach til the break of dawn..." So like Will Smith would say but in our own Chicago way, "Welcome to Chiami, Bienvenidos a Chiami."

Rose Parade 12
Finn’s Gin, Sipsmith Sloe Gin, Lime, Rose Water, Sparkling Rosé
Come down and watch the parade, a weekend away from the cavalcade. People passing by- they don’t seem to be going the other way- won’t you follow me down to the Rose Parade?

White Egrets 10
Avua Cachaca, Peychaud's, Bonal, Cocchi di Torino, Acid Phosphate
This one is for Derek Walcott, who without waiting "for April to ignite the African violet" this year, took flight, beyond desires and beyond regrets, into the unknown.

Un-False Flag 10
Pueblo Viejo Blanco, Tomatillo, Cucumber, Lime, Salt, Pepper
People drink delicious things because they are delicious. Or because they are told they are delicious. This is delicious and you should drink it.

Stormy Spring Buck 20
Lot 40 Rye, Cruzan Blackstrap, Cucumber, Pu’Erh Tea, Top Note Ginger Beer
Our stormy buck might bring tears to your eyes because it confirms the arrival of Spring with its delicious, refreshing, and robust flavors. But please don't cry into your drink. Save the tears, wash the mug with them once you finish, then bring it home with you.



Classic Whiskey Cocktails

Old Fashioned   10
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Cherry & Orange & Old Fashioned bitters, Demerara Sugar, Citrus Zest
Our house old fashioned brings in the aroma of your grandfather's old fashioned without the mess.

Barrel Select Old Fashioned 12
Same as above made with Eagle Rare L&E Barrel Select.

Longman Manhattan   10
Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Punt é Mes, Angostura & Cherry bitters
The Manhattan is a classic cocktail that will never go out of style and will always remain in the top ten most popular American cocktails.

Barrel Select Longman Manhattan 12
Same as above made with Russell's Reserve L&E Barrel Select.

Sazerac  10
Wild Turkey 101 Rye, Landy Cognac, Peychaud's, Angostura, Sugar, Letherbee Absinthe
This classic New Orleans cocktail was originally made with cognac but eventually moved to rye whiskey. Ours uses both in order to balance out the spicy and the sweet.





At L&E, we're lucky enough to have access to some of the best bourbon available, some would cry foul of putting one of these rare spirits in a cocktail, but we fall back on our tried and true motto "whiskey for your mouth...not for our shelf!" For more rare spirits, ask for a glimpse at our RARE menu

Shot-Caller  20
Old Rip Van Winkle 107, 2001 Neipoort Colhieta Port, Swan Creek Maple, Roasted Orange
We took our tasting notes from this amazing and highly prized bourbon and found other beautiful ingredients that gave off those characteristics. We used them in the smallest quantities to give the whiskey a chance to shine in the first of our rare cocktail offerings.

Check Mate 40
Old Crow Chessmen 10 yr 1969, Matthiasson Sweet Vermouth, Old Recipe Zucca
One of the best bourbons ever made. The most delicious sweet vermouth. An old formula of rhubarb amaro not made anymore. It’s worth it.





Spring Zing 6
Cucumber, Normandy Cider Vinegar, Pu'Erh Tea, Top Note Ginger Beer
Get fresh and drink something fancy, without the hangover.