House Cocktails

Not So Fast… 12

—Very Old Barton Bonded, Coconut, Cinnamon, Fresh Lime

Holding on to the last days of summer can be bittersweet. While you cope with the changing of the seasons, enjoy this shake up of summer and fall flavors. Tropical coconut blends with roasted cinnamon all the while being balanced out by our favorite high rye bourbon. It’s not too late to get that base tan, or is it?

A Very Easy Death     12

—Benchmark Bourbon, Cherry Heering, Yellow Chartreuse, Fresh Lime

This brightly refreshing pick-me-up balances a touch of sweetness with pleasant acidity, but be careful—it is libel to go down a little too smoothly and leave you wanting another. And another. A few too many of these would be a very easy death, indeed.

Uncle Jim Lupinsky 12

—J. Rieger Kansas City Whiskey, Lustau East India Sherry, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, Gilka Kummel, Demerara, Syrup

It’s sweet, but just like Uncle Jim, not too sweet. Balanced with earthy baking spices and orange, it’s stiff and complex and goes perfect with bizarre conversations about hanging drywall on a yacht. But you should probably just drink one before dinner. Maybe after too.

The Strongest Man Alive 12

—Glenlivet Founders Reserve, Benedictine, Pierre Ferrand Dry Curaçao, Laphroaig 10, Hopped Grapefruit Bitters

That time has come again, boy-os. When the leaves are changing, the days getting shorter and we all head to the beach one last time to fight the ocean to signal the final days of summer. Ease your woes with this sipper that’ll have you smiling strange. Benedictine and Curaçao flavors play off of Scotch for a taste of a Little Peat. But still a hint of Laphroaig to satiate anyone who’s more of a fan of Big Peat. Resulting in a drink that’s tastier than a Blue Tornado Bar. So enjoy and farewell, my little Vikings.

Persephone’s Punch 12

—Letherbee Gin, Amaro dell’ Etna, Stirrings Pomegranate, Chamomille, Top Note Indian Tonic, Fresh Lemon

Just like Persephone tied to Hades during the months of fall and winter, this cool weather punch is both bitter and sweet. A classic Sicilian Amaro balances out sweet pomegranate while the bubbly fizz of tonic refreshes your palate. A toast to the seasons changing… and then changing back!

The Sichuan Daquiri 12

—Ming River Baijiu, Trois Rivières Agricole, Fresh Lemon

Baijiu, China’s flagship spirit, making it one of the world’s most consumed spirits, is just starting to make its way over to America. Paired here with French West Indies rhum agricole, expect a bright, refreshing, funky take on a classic.

The Herrington 12

Del Maguey Vida, Braulio Amaro, Cherry Heering, Cherry Bitters

Strong, smokey, and sassy, a little sweet and a little bitter. Just like its namesake, Longman & Eagle’s own, Joshua Herrington.


Classic Whiskey Cocktails

Longman Manhattan 10
Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, Punt é Mes, Angostura & Cherry Bitters
The Manhattan is a classic cocktail that will never go out of style and will always remain in the top ten most popular American cocktails.
+ with Russell's Reserve L&E Barrel Select 12

Old Fashioned 10
Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Cherry & Orange & Old Fashioned bitters, Demerara Sugar, Citrus Zest
Our house old fashioned brings in the aroma of your grandfather’s old fashioned without the mess.
+ with Blanton’s L&E Barrel Select 16

Sazerac 10
Wild Turkey 101 Rye, Pierre Ferrand 1840 , Peychaud’s &
Angostura Bitters, Sugar, Letherbee Absinthe

This classic New Orleans cocktail was originally made with cognac but eventually moved to rye whiskey. Ours uses both in order to balance out the spicy and the sweet.
+ with Thomas H. Handy 2017 22

Boulevardier 10
Michter’s US*1 Bourbon, Campari, L.N. Mattei Cap Corse Rouge
This Prohibition era cocktail owes some of the credit for its creation to the Volstead act, the passage of which put thousands of American bartenders to work. One such bartender was New York expat Harry MacElhone, who made his way first to England and then to France, where he ran Harry’s New York Bar in Paris. It was there that MacElhone would be introduced to spirits that most Americans had never heard of in the 1920’s, such as Campari, and it was there that he would invent this enduring classic.

Whiskey Sour 10
Maker’s Mark, Lemon, Sugar, Egg White
We do nothing to make this classic weird or different. We just try to make it the best way we know how. Requires a longer shake. Thank your bartender.
+ with Maker’s Mark L&E Private Select 2016 14



At L&E, we're lucky enough to have access to some of the best bourbon available, some would cry foul of putting one of these rare spirits in a cocktail, but we fall back on our tried and true motto "whiskey for your mouth...not for our shelf!" For more rare spirits, ask for a glimpse at our RARE menu

Out with a Bang 25
George T Stagg, 2017, Oscar 697 Vermouth Rosso, Angostura Bitters, Luxardo Cherry
This powerful, intense, and highly regarded bourbon is bottled uncut and unfiltered after aging in charred oak for no less than 15 years. We’ve taken our tasting notes for it and combined it with other beautiful ingredients that enhance those flavors and allow them to shine. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.