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The Desert Diaries

The Desert Diaries

Please join us at Longman & Eagle on Tuesday, March 22 at 9pm for an opening reception featuring photography from Carolina Mariana Rodriguez, Eva Deitch and Lucy Hewett. Their work will be on display at L&E through the end of May.

Some background on the project from the artists :

In March 2015, EvaCarolina, and Lucy met for breakfast. It had been a long winter for us as photographers and we needed some inspiration. Our conversations about uncertainty quickly turned into a plan for an eleven-day road trip across the state of New Mexico. In a week’s time, we were driving twenty-five hours south of Chicago through white deserts, red rocks and endless open skies.

We returned with a deep respect for one another, the landscape and our craft. One year later, we want to share what we’ve made.

We’ll be showing work, selling prints and enjoying desert inspired cocktails.

Carolina Mariana Rodríguez

Eva Deitch

Lucy Hewett

Longman & Eagle at Haymarket Whiskey Bar

Longman & Eagle at Haymarket Whiskey Bar

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