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Sat & Sun “Ends” Menu

Sat & Sun “Ends” Menu

Longman & Eagle is pleased to announce the launch of a new café menu, “Ends”, offered exclusively from the Off Site Bar (or “OSB”) every weekend. Chef Jared Wentworth’s new menu will be available on Saturday and Sundays from nine am to three pm.

The menu offerings are largely focused on portability, offering guests the option to order and eat quickly, either at the OSB (and its connecting patio), or on the go.

The initial menu includes:

Breakfast Sandwich
with Breakfast Sausage and Cheddar, on a House Made English Muffin

Fried Bologna Sandwich
With Sunny Side Egg, Sweet & Spicy Pickles and Sharp Cheddar

Ham & Manchego Sandwich
with Grain Mustard, on a Demi Baguette

Quiche Lorraine
With Werp Farm Greens and Green Goddess Dressing

Pulled Slagel Family Farm Pork Sandwich
With Pickled Watermelon Rind, Coleslaw and House Made BBQ Sauce

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Wine Enthusiast

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