Longman & Eagle has six rooms available for overnight stay. These are casual yet considered offerings that seasoned travelers will appreciate when looking to immerse and initiate themselves within the fabric of a bustling, vibrant urban enclave.

Our rooms vary in both price and proportion, but aesthetics, comfort and function are manifest throughout. 

Rooms start at $95 a night.

NOTE: Stay with us in October, and celebrate our brand new highball machine (one of the first in the city!). 

Use promo code HIGHBALL and enjoy two highballs, on the house - plus two custom L&E highball glasses so you can mix up your own whiskey drinks at home. Our Japanese-designed highball machine super carbonates water to 1.5 times the level of champagne and combines it with ice cold Jim Beam bourbon. The resulting cocktail is the most refreshing, bubbly whiskey drink you’ve ever had - we promise. 

Please note that our rooms are above an occasionally raucous, whiskey-fueled tavern, so if you’re extremely sensitive to noise, you may want to consider the overall environment before booking.